tips make up of lauren conrad

makeup tips of lauren conrad

Lauren conrad makeup tips

lauren conrad tends to travel for eye makeup that's not serious, however that accentuates her blue eyes. this is that the trick to geting an identical look see more

ms. conrad's brows are continuously neat, well-defined and stuffed in. begin by obtaining your eyebrows arched--your aesthetician can pick a form that flatters your face.

lauren's face continuously has a awfully natural, youthful look. her foundation is sheer and excellently matches her skin tone. to attain this look, begin off by thoroughly laundry your face, then gently massaging in a very moisturizing primer or facial moisturizer.

to induce cheeks like lauren conrad's, keep it straightforward and do not go serious on the rouge. the design to travel for is sun-kissed and glowing. begin by light-weight applying a bronzer to the jawline in a very sweeping motion, employing a giant brush.

lauren conrad sticks with a flattering, pink lip, though she has been seen at celebrity events sporting a vampy red lip color. go with the pink for daytime, and switch to a daring red at night.

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