conrad's Balenciaga bags

Former Hills star Lauren Conrad‘s style may veer a little too mainstream for my taste most of the time, but somehow, she still manages to find a piece here and there that I totally and utterly covet. Even when she’s in comfy clothes at the airport, which is something of an accomplishment and probably deserves a bit of recognition.

Naturally I love Lauren’s Chanel Classic Flap Bag, because what’s not to love? But I’ve been on a bit of a boot mission lately, and after more pairs of ordered and returned Fryes than I care to mention, I’m ready to look elsewhere. After seeing Lauren in theseAigle for J.Crew Ecuyer Boots, these may be the next ones that I try. They’re the perfect hybrid between an equestrian boot and a rain boot (they’re made of PVC and the sub-$200 price tag reflects that), and the look is totally sleek and beautiful. Plus, if she’s wearing them to the airport, they must be comfortable. (Oh, and if you’re curious, her friend’s bag is a Foley + Corinna Jetset Tote.)

best bag lauren conrad
conrad's Balenciaga bags

It’s been a long time since we talked about Lauren Conrad in these parts – way back in the days of The Hills, in fact – but that doesn’t mean Ms. Conrad has gone anywhere. To the contrary, actually; the woman once known to MTV viewers as LC has managed to parlay the fact that everyone always liked her eyeliner and thought her hair was pretty into a full-fledged business that doesn’t require her to debase herself on reality television. If you’ve ever been to, you’ve seen her work.

Some things still haven’t changed, though – for example, our girl Lauren is still carrying a Balenciaga Town Bag, a design that’s always been a favorite of hers, all the way back to the reality TV days. Actually, that’s probably why so many young women still find themselves interested in Lauren: her style is simple and classic, with luxurious touches here and there like a great (but still neutral) Balenciaga handbag.


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